Crisne is a synth/vocal project made of Seventies seashore trips and soft dirges. Crisne is the mirror of the visions of the italian multi-instrumentalist Francesca Marongiu (Architeuthis Rex, Agarttha). Her first album “Albedo” is a concept about alchemy and elevation rites.



Label: Phantasma Disques / Catalog Number: / Format: CDr / Release Date: January 15th 2012 / Artowork by Cosmotropia De Xam

“Crisne’s Albedo is a psalter of sepia hymns blown across the moors of our consciousness, ectoplasms of moments that we know we never lived, but nevertheless miss as phantom limbs.

Its Hall of Wisdom rises in front of us, holographically, and we step through its baroque gates Alice-like, Flynn-like, Valerie-like, seeking the original substrate of this girl revenant that haunts us.

A perceptual interruption after, we stand on a beach of white pebbles encroached by geometrical waves of liquid crystal, they pulse to the metronome of a cosmic microprocessor. She stands in the distance, a faint shadow, we walk towards her but we get no closer.

We know we will die here, and robotic crabs will devour our corpse, and she will stare for a bit, and then be gone past the dunes. We also know we will return, caught in the loop of a memory of a memory.”