Architeuthis Rex Francesca Marongiu Antonio Gallucci

Architeuthis Rex. Leviathan. King. Magnificent sea dweller and haunter of the dreams of Italian artists Antonio Gallucci and Francesca Marongiu. It sounds like an aperture into a horrific underwater world filled with the fear of what lies outside, an orchestra of giant octopuses, ocarinas and morays murmurs, a kaleidoscope of early dub acetates, strange strings, outer space broadcasts of unholy funeral rites, mescaline, percussion and metaphysical drone.



Label: Midira Records / Catalog Number: Md 023 / Format: Swamp Green Lp 12” / 
Release date: May 20th, 2016 / Artwork by Christopher Colville

The LP has been largerly inspired by the idea of “gleaminess”, as spoken in the Ancient Greek Mythology, referred to one of the aspects of Planet Mercury.
 Greeks could see Mercury in the morning and at dusk. In the 8th century B.C., they thought that it was two different planets, so they gave it two names: Stilbon, “the gleaming”, as the Morning Star, and Hermaon, the Evening Star.
 Lately, probably thanks to Pythagoras, they realized that both Stilbon and Hermaon were the same planet, and they called it Hermes, the Greek name for Planet Mercury.
The idea of a “dead Stilbon” symbolizes both the concept of darkness and gleaminess, which can be traced in the metallic light of the world in the Antropocene Era.
 This light can also be a glare of the ancestral origins of the Universe and the Earth, when science and mythology were melted.
 Alchemy and sci-fi have always been major interests to Architeuthis Rex so this is a way to connect James Ballard with Pythagoras, Ursula K. Le Guin with Robert Fludd, all encompassed in an overflowing, gloom and gleamy present.
 In this way the collaboration with Terence Hannum, which provided the vocals for “Almagest” and Christopher Colville, which worked on the album front and back cover images, raised up spontaneously.

Terence has longer been investigating the pair splendour/decay in both his band Locrian and his visual projects.
 Christopher, has deeply explored the relationship between nothingness and light, creation and destruction in his “Works of Fire” series, to which “Stilbon is Dead” images are very close.

Architeuthis Rex are Antonio Gallucci, Francesca Marongiu and Francesco Gregoretti.